Millions of Dead Trees are Causing Public Safety Hazard

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 23, 2016 / comments

The Governor's Office of Emergency Services and CAL FIRE convened a Task Force on Tree Mortality comprised of state and federal agencies, local governments and utilities that coordinate emergency protective actions and monitor ongoing conditions.  The United States Forest Service recently estimated that 22 million trees have already died and millions more trees are currently dying.  

Natural Resources Conservation Service to assist private land owners overwhelmed by the number of dead and dying trees on their properties.

Tree Mortality Task Force Management Objectives:

-- Provide for public health and safety of persons and property in identified high hazard zones.
-- Ensure efforts associated with implementation of the directives contained in the Governor's State of Emergency Proclamation remain coordinated.
-- Ensure continuous communication among state, federal, and local governments, as well as with other non-governmental organizations assigned to the task force.
-- Provide consistent and coordinated messaging between task force member agencies and the public.
-- Manage projects and programs in a financially responsible and efficient manner.

View map showing areas with the greatest amounts of tree mortality due to bark beetles and drought.
Tree Mortality Viewer