My Mother, My Promise, My Vote

by Placerville Newswire / May 13, 2018 / comments

[Ray Nutting, Former Supervisor, El Dorado County]

My mother went to heaven as a result of a plane crash July 26, 1986 . My mother was the center of our family and everyone loved her dearly. 

I was in the plane that crashed and kill both my parents. My dad and the pilot died at the site and my mom survived 15 days before passing at the UC Davis burn center. I was there in the burn center also recovering. 

I made my mom a promise at her bed side that I would always be honest and keep my faith. I never broke my promise. 

She taught me to never be afraid and never give up. So for the first time I am telling you a story publicly that is a huge part of my character. 

In 1955 my sister Nancy was born with Down Syndrome. I was born in 1960 and by this time my mom took care of about 40 special needs children in a facility next to our home. Our facility playground for the children was next to the play ground for the public elementary school. Some of my best friends were special needs and they were very much normal. 

It came time for me to go to Kinder Garden in 1965. I was only five years old. On the first day of school a group of older boys cornered me telling me that I didn't belong in their school. They pushed me on the ground and told me I wasn't welcomed. Don't come back or you will get more of the same everyday. I went home afraid and crying to my dad and mom. I told my dad what happened and he told me to just ignore them and they will after awhile leave you alone. 

My mom later pulled me aside and taught me how to make a tight fist. She then told me to hit the biggest boy with the biggest mouth as hard as I can and not be afraid. Most importantly, she told me not to ever say anything about this to dad. 

I was very confused and didn't know what to do! The second day of school those same older boys cornered me again. They called me names and pushed me on the ground. I thought about what my dad and mom said. I saw the biggest boy with the biggest mouth and focused on him. With a tight fist I hit him as hard as I could! He went to the ground and the other boys ran. I helped the boy up and he looked at me and told me he was telling! I was first punished by the teacher, then the principal. After the principal bare butt spanked me my dad soon after came down and bare butt spanked me. 

That night I was very confused and upset and my mom came in my bedroom. knowing what she had done she said to me that she was very proud of me for standing up for your sister Nancy and that I will never have any problems with those boys again. My mom knew that I needed to make a stand against these bullies quickly. Those days if you didn't make a stand you would be picked on and school would not be easy. 

I never was picked on again and no one every teased my sister or me again. 

Five years later my older sister Nancy was a star player on our city flag football team. I love my mom and she was the most loving caring person you could ever meet. However, she knew from life experience that bullies always need to be held accountable. Never coward from a bully. They are weak and thrive on pushing people around. 

As I aged over the years I witnessed many bullies and I never let them get away with taking advantage of people. I was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 1992 and re-elected in 1996. Took a break for 8 years and was elected in 2008 and again in 2012. My term started January of 2009. The biggest complaint I had was from people doing business with the county and county employees that had been bullied and abused by El Dorado County Auditor Joe Harn. 

Joe Harn's issues came to the Grand Jury, and they recommended criminal charges be filed by our District Attorney Vern Pierson.. District Attorney Vern Pierson being good friends with Auditor Joe Harn never filed charges and said he sent the issue to the California Attorney General.

Meanwhile, all members of our Board of Supervisors supported a bullying ordinance. Elected official without some sort of ordinance cannot be held accountable by regular employment laws. The bullying ordinance was very close to becoming law. 

District Attorney Vern Pierson forced me to a jury trial where I won on the original charges. At the same time District Attorney force my campaign manager Dan Dellenger to trial. He also won his case. 

Auditor Joe Harn was at the center of both cases, doing everything he could to push both me and Dan around. Joe Harn is still bullying Dan Dellenger. Joe Harn was caught not telling the truth to the jury in the Dan Dellenger trial and that is what won the case for Dan Dellenger. 

After I was off the Board of Supervisors and three new Supervisors were elected Supervisor Brian Veerkamp along with the new board dropped the bullying ordinance. Now Supervisor Brian Veerkamp Joe Harn's life long friend is endorsing Joe Harn's re-election along with District Attorney Vern Pierson. 

I cannot understand how Veerkamp and Pierson can endorse a man that is very abusive and has a know history. It makes no sense. 

Moreover, I still remember what District Attorney Vern Pierson did to Sheriff John D'Agostini in his first campaign. A very untruthful campaign mailer went out against John D'Agostini in 2010. District Attorney Vern Pierson signed the document as true and the voters saw through the lies in the mailer and on election day June 2010 John D'Agostini became our next sheriff. 

The D'Agostini family is a good family that cares about our county. Sheriff John D'Agostini is one of the best Sheriffs our county has had. Sheriff John D'Agostini would never abuse his office. Ask yourself why hasn't our Sheriff endorsed either our Auditor Joe Harn or District Attorney Vern Pierson? 

Sheriff John D'Agostini endorses Mike Owen for our next Auditor and tells us why in detail. It is for the same reasons I support Mike Owen. I, like Sheriff John D'Agostini,  am tired of the abuse of government officials. 

I am compelled on mothers day to tell this story because I have to be true to myself. I have to be honest and tell the public. 

My mom is in heaven and very proud of me. Thank you mom for giving me the strength to stand up to bullies without fear. I miss you mom and love you. You the people this is your chance to make a difference and vote for the people that will not abuse their office!!!
Raymond Nutting, Happy Valley.