'My sex slavery hell in Sacramento'


Crystal, who lives in Placerville, ran away from a group home and was turned over to a pimp in Sacramento by the 'friend' she left with, her mother said ...

Girl, 16, is reunited with the mailman who helped her escape traffickers and tells how she was held captive for THREE MONTHS and repeatedly raped, drugged and beaten by captors who are still at large...

A 16-year-old girl has reunited with the mailman who helped her escape from a three-month sex trafficking ordeal, publicly thanking the postal worker.

Teen Crystal Allen met with mailman Ivan Cristotomo on Thursday in Sacramento, California, where she spoke to the press and described her ordeal of kidnapping, drugging and abuse.

'They made it impossible. They had guard dogs and people that would watch us all the time and not let us leave. I was tied to chairs,' Crystal ...


05:25 EDT, 6 August 2018