Mystery Dog Saves Life!

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 19, 2016 / comments

On Friday morning Laura Lou wrote:

Yesterday, I was driving out to my dad's house in the morning. I do this twice a week to check on him and chat for a bit before heading to work. 

I was on Luneman rd, just past Red Fox but before Hindricks place-the "S" curve in the road. Never, never have I ever seen a dog there. 

Yesterday, there was a golden retriever type dog , probably out because of the storm. I slowed way down, honked my horn and he started running down the road-which made me drive even slower. Ughhh. 

I went around the corner and there was a huge branch in the road!! 

That dog saved my life-ok, maybe not my life (but maybe he could have-who knows!) but definitely saved my car! I followed the dog until he/she ran down a dirt road where I thought he/she lived. 

The dog was safe. 

Thank you my sweet lil car saver doggie!!