Feather River Hospital Fire Disaster Relief Fund Matched by Marshall Hospital

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[Marcella Fox]

On November 11, the now infamous Camp Fire threatened Feather River Hospital in Paradise, California. Employees lined up their cars to evacuate patients, putting patients’ needs first even as their own homes were lost. 

Feather River Hospital employees are lifesaving heroes in more ways than one. 

With the hospital support facilities closed, many of these heroes are now also without work. 

Please show your support and appreciation for their sacrifice by contributing to the Feather River Hospital Fire Disaster Fund. 

Sheriff's Arrest and Activity Log for 11-12-18

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The following people are on the arrest log of NOVEMBER 12, 2018, as reported by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department:

PV    20181112    RELEASED    21    E
11377(A)    M    POSSESS CNTL SUB    $2,500.00
11550(A)    M    UNDER INFLUENCE CNTL SUB    $2,000.00

PV    20181112    RELEASED    30    P
23152(A)/23152(B)    M    DUI ALCOHOL    $10,000.00


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[California County News, 10/31/2018. Img: Sacramento Nazi Derik Punneo]

On Oct. 27, a madman walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and gunned down 11 people for one reason: their Jewish faith. The victims include a husband and wife, two brothers, and a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor.

UNUSUAL WILDLIFE SIGHTING - Ringtail cats or Miner’s cat

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[U.S. Forest Service - Eldorado National Forest]
Two of our rangers were patrolling at around 5,000 feet elevation when they saw a Ringtail cat! It was quite a shock to both of them, especially since they are nocturnal animals. 

These cute critters look to be a cross between a fox and a raccoon, and the size of a small house cat. Here in California they are also known as the miner’s cat. 

County Economic Model is Unsustainable

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[Erika Kosina, Nevada County Tech Connection. Img: Scott Radow discusses Music Synchro, a bike training system that syncs music tempo to bike cadence during the ] Tahoe Pitch Showcase, which highlights ideas of entrepreneurs in TV's "Shark Tank" style. Such collaborative "meet-up" discussions have proved popular.] This the second in a series of three stories discussing shifts in tech industry trends that could make a positive impact on the Nevada County tech economy but the same conditions apply in El Dorado County.