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Placerville Newswire | Arrested in El Dorado County on Feb 24, 2016. -- Notable Incidents: BRANDISHED A FIREARM AT A LIQUOR STORE... |  TRANSP/ETC CNTL SUB, bail = $50,000... |  EL DORADO, STUDENT WAS FOUND TO BE IN POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA ON SCHOOL GROUNDS... |   STOLE ALCOHOL FROM BUSINESS... 

KEY: Common Name
-Booking Number -First Name -Middle Name -Last Name -Sex
-Facility -Date Booked -Status -Age at Booking -Arresting Agency
-First 5 Charges -Bail $

FACT SHEET – Investigation of Stormwater Drainage Containing Elevated pH Levels near El Dorado Trail

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Placerville, CA - On January 28, 2016, the County of El Dorado Community Development Agency issued a press release advising the public to avoid contact with stormwater in the vicinity of the El Dorado Trail near the end of Stage Court due to high alkaline levels, which have been determined to be caused by water that contains calcium hydroxide (i.e. made up of calcium and hydroxide ions). The area of concern along the El Dorado Trail has been clearly posted with warning signs, caution tape and temporary fencing.

Time to Enroll for Spring Classes at Folsom Lake College

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[Tania DeLeon, 20, on the campus of Folsom Lake College]

It’s not too late to enroll at Folsom Lake College this spring. There are open “fast-track” classes that start later in the semester — including offerings in anthropology, business, computer science, English, geology, humanities, political science, theater arts and much more.

To enroll in a class or just see what is available go to

DA Fails to show Probable Cause so Judge Drops Case against Marijuana Dispensary

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The Pure Life Marijuana Dispensary case ended in a celebration for Kelly Chiusano, CEO of the Pure Life Collective... 

Honorable Judge Kenneth B. Melikian ruled in favor of the defendants, dropping all charges on Friday afternoon.

Judge Melikian addressed the court before he delivered his judgement. “Thank you for your patience in awaiting the court’s ruling. The evidence was voluminous.” ...

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Sutton sentenced to over 22 years in Prison for Child Molestation

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[Phillip Scot Sutton]

A judgement and sentencing hearing ended with a somber Phillip Scot Sutton, 47, of Placerville, being sentenced to 22 years and 8 months, the maximum sentence, for sexual acts with a minor.

Sutton was arrested on suspicion of molestation in July, one day after the victim reported the incident to the Placerville Police Department. Sutton plead guilty to those charges.