UNUSUAL WILDLIFE SIGHTING - Ringtail cats or Miner’s cat

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[U.S. Forest Service - Eldorado National Forest]
Two of our rangers were patrolling at around 5,000 feet elevation when they saw a Ringtail cat! It was quite a shock to both of them, especially since they are nocturnal animals. 

These cute critters look to be a cross between a fox and a raccoon, and the size of a small house cat. Here in California they are also known as the miner’s cat. 

Can the growing Jefferson separatist movement split off into a new, 51st state?

[Stephen Magagnini]

Almost anywhere you drive through Northern California, you’ll see green and gold signs, flags and banners heralding the arrival of the State of Jefferson, a separatist movement that nearly succeeded in 1941 and, more recently, has grown like a grass fire in the era of Trump.

The signs feature “The Great Seal of the State of Jefferson,” a gold pan emblazoned with two X’s—Jeffersonians have long believed they’ve been double-crossed by big city politicians in Sacramento who take their money but ignore their concerns.

Over the last two years, the signs have popped up on billboards, front yards, and haystacks, sometimes next to Confederate flags and anti-immigrant slogans.

They can also be seen at county fairs and frequent rallies featuring supporters, some in camouflage fatigues, outside the Federal Building in Sacramento, where the secessionists have taken their fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Jeffersonians argue that since Southern California has 111 elected state reps (74 assembly members and 37 senators) and Northern California above the San Francisco Bay Area, only nine (six in the assembly, three in the Senate), the courts have “a legal, moral and constitutional” obligation to fix this imbalance by adding more state legislators, especially in far-flung rural counties.

“Taxation without representation,” the rallying cry of the American Revolution, now resonates with tens of thousands of Jeffersonians...




County Economic Model is Unsustainable

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[Erika Kosina, Nevada County Tech Connection. Img: Scott Radow discusses Music Synchro, a bike training system that syncs music tempo to bike cadence during the ] Tahoe Pitch Showcase, which highlights ideas of entrepreneurs in TV's "Shark Tank" style. Such collaborative "meet-up" discussions have proved popular.] This the second in a series of three stories discussing shifts in tech industry trends that could make a positive impact on the Nevada County tech economy but the same conditions apply in El Dorado County.

United States Armed Forces We owe you our lives, our gratitude, and our respect

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[Wendy Thomas]
Happy Veteran's Day, El Dorado County. 

The Veterans Day ceremony was a meaningful reminder that you and I enjoy the sacred blessings of liberty because of the resolute spirit, unparalleled commitment and immeasurable sacrifices of our United States Armed Forces. You are the strongest, most capable fighting force the world has ever known, and it is because of you that equality, liberty, freedom and justice are the cornerstones of our Democracy. 

We owe you our lives, our gratitude and our respect. 

Thank you.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley announces campaign for First Senate District

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[Dave Gilliard]
California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-AD6) has announced he will be a candidate for the First State Senate District special election to fill the seat currently held by Senator Ted Gaines, who was elected to the Board of Equalization.