Preliminary hearing in Settler murder held, three defendants take plea deal in homicide-robbery

[Kate Maxwell, The Mendocino Voice]

...Robert Boyd; Wells who was arrested February 24 in South Lake Tahoe, is defended by Jan Cole-Wilson of the public defender's office; and Blank...

UKIAH, CA, 8/16/17 — A preliminary hearing was held Monday in the trial of the accused killers of Jeffrey Settler, in Mendocino Superior Court, at which three of the defendants accepted plea agreements in exchange for future testimony. The remaining four men still face charges for the murder of Settler, who was beaten and stabbed to death in November, 2016.

Judge John Behnke presided over the preliminary hearing, in which testimony was heard to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with the trial. The hearing ran long and testimony is being heard today as well. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office detectives testified about the evidence they have gathered, based on interviews with witnesses and examinations of the scene of the murder. Three of the defendants pled to felony charges of first degree robbery, with a maximum of nine years in prison, for stealing cannabis from Settler at his home, but had the murder charge dropped. The other four defendants are still charged with murder, as well as robbery.

Jeffrey Quinn Settler, a 35 year Laytonville cannabis farmer...




Meet the two best friends who are putting women's freestyle skiing on the map

[Adele Jackson-Gibson, Excelle Sports]

Meet Olympic silver medalist Devin Logan aka DLo.

She’s the loud, adventurous one.

The 24-year-old from West Dover, Vt., is the freestyle skiier you can find at the start gate, dancing and rapping to her favorite beats before a run. Logan is also a classic “Comeback Queen,” who is known for recovering from a gnarly ACL tear and fractured knee before she made history in 2014. That year during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, she earned second place at the first-ever women’s slopestyle event. Some of her teammates jokingly say DLo is a “thug” because of all the crazy stunts she pulls on and off the slopes, and she no signs of slowing down.

“I want to one day be that old woman who can still land a 360 and freak some little kids out,” she said...



Should South Lake Tahoe change policies regarding dogs in city parks?

[Brian Uhler, Tahoe Daily Tribune]

Many South Lake Tahoe residents love their dogs. Most police officers love dogs, too.

I've heard it said by someone not so long ago, "The more people I meet, the more I love dogs!" We at the police department understand and share in this fondness; however, we receive weekly complaints from community members regarding dogs in public parks, and most frequently dogs at the Live-at-Lakeview events.

The South Lake Tahoe City Code (SLTCC) does not allow dogs, even on a leash, to be in our public parks (SLTCC §8.05.130). Your police officers have been asking people for voluntary compliance with this regulation and, for the most part, people are appreciative of the "soft" approach and comply.

Others respond with agitation and anger, some even feel singled out...




The $5000-to-win Mark Forni Classic invades Placerville Speedway Saturday

[Gary Thomas,]

PLACERVILLE, Ca. — The El Dorado County Fairgrounds based Placerville Speedway is geared up to hold one of the biggest nights in the 2017 season with the 12th annual Mark Forni Classic on deck this Saturday August 19.

The Thompson’s Auto Group Winged 360 Sprint Car feature at the Mark Forni Classic will once again pay a solid $5,000-to-win and is expected to bring a stout field of cars to the red clay. Also in competition Saturday will be the Ltd. Late Models, Pure Stocks and the Nor-Cal Dwarf Car Association.

Following the races a pit party will be held with live music...



Sheriff Helps Rescue Two Stranded Hikers in Desolation Wilderness

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 16, 2017 / comments

[EDSO Sergeant Tasha Thompson]

On August 13, 2017, at approximately 11:35 am, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search and rescue mission for two stranded hikers near Lake Sylvia in desolation wilderness.  Lake Sylvia is inside the El Dorado National Forest at an elevation of 8,700 ft.