Not Waiting too late, Nancy Moulton Calls for PARTY

by Placerville Newswire / Sep 30, 2016 / comments

Roxanne Moulton Bender writes: THIS IS DONE AT THE REQUEST OF NANCY (CHOAT) MOULTON! -- 

My Mom is having an "All About Me" party. {she wanted to call it her Bon Voyage Party, but she is not that close to the end so we changed her mind.} Right now it is set for the 15th of Oct.

You see~~~She has Parkinson's and it is in stage 5.... if we can keep her eating and healthy she has a good 6 months at least according to Hospice, which she is on. So she decided that she doesn't want everybody having a Celebration of Life party after she isn't there to enjoy it. So she is planning it now to begin at 1pm on October 15th and last as long as we want. 
She said she has put up with this town's parties for 60 years and so now it is her turn. She wants music, karaoke, food, pinatas, and 13 photo albums of happy memories, etc. Food and Sodas and some Beer will be there, but all are welcome to bring their own drink or a favorite dish. I am to invite anybody that knows her well enough to know where she has lived for the past 60 yrs. ---- She said if you don't know her well enough to know where her house is then you are not meant to be there.

Friends, you would not believe the turn around in her personality since accepting that her time is near. She is joyful to be around. She says she has left worrying to God, she is done with it cuz she "can't do a dam thing about any of it". She wants a chance to say thank you's or good by's or just "see ya, safe travels".

If you know of anyone that may know her please share this. She grew up in Pollock Pines, married daddy when she was 15 and he was19. She has had an article about El Dorado published in the Democrat years ago (remember, Mr. Doug Noble? he loved it)

So if you will be joining us, let us know!

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