'Odd odor' forced El Dorado County Social Security building to evacuate

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 12, 2016 / comments

The Social Security building in El Dorado County was evacuated Thursday afternoon because of a hazmat situation.

Diamond Springs fire crews first responded at about 3:30 p.m. to the Social Security Office off of Missouri Flat Road, near Placerville, after people in the building reported smelling an "odd odor," which caused some people in the building to experience respiratory distress.

“Their throats were burning, they coughed a bit and the smell was just atrocious," said Kathy Duarte, who came to the Social Security office just as people were evacuating.

At least 11 people were treated at the scene after displaying symptoms of difficulty breathing and nausea. Three people were transported to a nearby hospital while seven others drove themselves, the Diamond Springs Fire Protection District said.

“It smelled like a sanitizer or something," said Frank Desommers who saw people being treated for symptoms.

Nearby businesses were also evacuated. Tan Central, which is two doors down from the Social Security office, was asked to vacate.

"Which was a bit of a job because people are tanning, and we don’t want them running out naked," owner Blake Bartel said.

The origin of the contaminant is currently unknown, the El Dorado County sheriff’s officials said. El Dorado County Environmental Management officials were called to the scene to find the source of the odor.

See Video Repoort here: http://www.kcra.com/news/local-news/news-sierra/el-dorado-co-social-security-building-evacuated/37951312