Old Hangtown becomes Scene for Role-Playing-Games

by Placerville Newswire / May 08, 2017 / comments


Drive Thru RPG is marketing a game module for online gamers. called, "Old West Town: PLACERVILLE, CALIFORNIA, 1888" for Fantasy Grounds. 

This system agnostic Fantasy Grounds module details the mining town of Placerville, California, with a historical birds eye view map and a series of images outline many structures in the area. Since it is based on real-world information, it is a great and accurate resource for Deadlands Reloaded or any other game system focused on the Old West.

The maps are distributed in an organizaed Fantasy Grounds module, but includes all of the source images making it easy to use with other platforms.

The 21.23 MB module is written by Tim Kilgore and last updated May 03, 2017.

Bird's eye view map with navigation/info pins

Zoom of a place illustration

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