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Show #1 "The Wedding Of Swampy Boggs" Or "Doom! Or A Groom! By High Noon!
Written /Directed By: Jason Boyer 
Show Run: May 4 - June 10 Auditions: 3/19 

Show #2 "The Great Northern Amalgamated Pig Iron and Sperm Whale Company" or "Don't Drink The Water
Written By: Robert Haynes Directed By: Beth LaBean 
Show Run: June 22 - July 29 Auditions: 5/7 

Show #3 "The Daring Debut Of The Day's End Darlings" or "The Dangers Of Women
Written/Directed By: Lauren Williams 
Show Run: August 10 - September 16  Auditions: 6/25 

Show #4 "Mrs. Waldecott: Ghost Hunter" or "Things That Go Burp In The Night
Written/Directed By: Jason Boyer 
Show Run: September 28 - October 28 Auditions: 8/13 

Show #5 "The True Meaning Of Christmas" or "Presents and Promotions"
Written/Directed By Lauren Williams 
Run: November 16 - December 23 Auditions: 10 

2018 Ticket Prices: General Admission $13, Senior (55+) $10 and Children (under 5) $5.

Thank You for Your Continued Support and Patronage in Keeping Melodrama Alive and Thriving in the Heart of Gold Country!

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