Only Days Until VIRTUAL ACADEMY Open House

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 • Small, personalized learning environment with flexible scheduling, allowing students to attend daily or as little as twice per week.

 • Stay connected to friends: Access sports, classes, band, and other programs at your home high school.

 • College Program: Graduate high school having completed 10 or more college courses that count for both high school and college transferable credit. 

Student Quotes:


"Attending the Virtual Academy has given me a jump start on what I need for college.  In the eyes of a current student at the Virtual Academy I have learned more about life after high school, life in college, and most importantly myself than at any other school. Being such a small school you think of it as a non-traditional school.  But yet we aren’t, we are so much more and amazing."

Carol Hewitt




"This is my first semester so it has been different, but one thing that I have noticed is that everyone at this school is super nice and supportive and the teachers actually care about their students, which is hard to find these days."

Stephanie Lammas


"One of the best reasons for coming to this school is that students get more one on one help with their teachers. In other public schools it is harder to listen and understand what is being talked about. It is easier for a student to get left behind in a traditional school.




MARCH 22, 2017
6:00 P.M.
6540 Koki Lane, El Dorado, CA 95623

Or call (530) 622-6212 for an individual appointment and tour.

From Sacramento, take HIGHWAY 50 EAST to the Missouri Flat Road exit.
At the end of the ramp, turn RIGHT heading south.
Continue about 1.9 miles to the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road (HIGHWAY 49).
Turn RIGHT onto Pleasant Valley Road and continue about 1.2 miles.
Turn LEFT at the Koki Lane stoplight and continue straight on Koki Lane to end.
Turn LEFT and continue by Union Mine High School parking lot to entrance of Virtual Academy.

What Our Students Are Saying

The EDUHSD Virtual Academy from the Student Perspective

Success Stories




Gabby got her start in engineering while at the Virtual Academy.  And by the end of her senior year she was offered a job using AutoCAD at a large architecture firm, Studio 81 International in El Dorado County.  

Gabby took Architecture/Design 1 as an elective while at the Virtual Academy.  She was so taken in by the subject that she took ROP Architecture/Design (the next level of the course) at Oak Ridge High School concurrently.  While attending this class she heard that our Internship Program had an opening at an architecture firm.  

So Gabby signed up and was working as an intern at a local architecture firn in the county actually using her AutoCAD skills.  By the end of her senior year the firm was so impressed with her skill level that they offered her a job.  We love sharing stories of how students can take full advantage of everything our school and district has to offer.  Gabby took the opportunity and mixed it with her hard work to achieve a great outcome for herself straight out of high school.   




Tifany is a freshman at the Virtual Academy.  Not only is she an incredible pianist but she also volunteers in her community. Tifany sits on the El Dorado County Youth Commission and the El Dorado County Teen Court.

In the Teen Court Tifany has served as a Defense Attorney, Prosecutor, and Juror.  The goal of the Teen Court is to use peers to have a positive impact on student's going down the wrong path.

Tifany also donates her time on the El Dorado County Youth Commission whose goal is to develop and express the opinions, ideas, and vision of El Dorado County youth. The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors and the El Dorado County Office of Education help facilitate the development of youth in government by working closely with the Youth Commission and their projects.  

She was recently tapped to help the commission develop their new website.  The Virtual Academy is really proud of Tifany and all the good she is doing in our community.  




Bailey joined the Virtual Academy with the dream of becoming a veterinary surgeon.  From day one she had no doubt of what she wanted to be and never varied from that.  In developing her plan our school looked at what opportunities Bailey could capitalize on.  We worked with Bailey to get her taking courses at Folsom Lake College that would support her dream while also attending high school. 

Our fabulous Internship Coordinator then placed Bailey at a Veterinary Hospital where she served for 2 years.  Bailey loved interning there and they loved having her.  By the time Bailey graduated she had created quite a resume for herself.  She had graduated from the Virtual Academy with honors, already had course work towards her major completed and had two years of hands on experience and training in Veterinary medicine.  

Bailey is well on her way to being a great Veterinary surgeon one day.  Her hard work with some unique Virtual Academy opportunities set Bailey up for success and made her dream attainable.