Opinion: About this MarVal Bashing

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 13, 2017 / comments

[Kat Mendenhall]

Frankly, I am getting tired of seeing these nasty posts about MarVal and the dairy situation. I don’t see in most (any?) of them where the manager has been contacted to resolve these problems. 

No, everyone comes to Facebook first. 

Do you realize how fortunate we are to have MarVal here? It is one of the businesses that make us a community. Without MarVal, the gas station, our Fire Dept., our restaurants we are nothing more than a bunch of people living in houses next to each other and we become a bedroom community. 

First how many people when they buy their milk store it in an insulated cooling bag on the way home? It has been so hot lately that even a 30 minute drive to Volcanoville can start the degradation process, or if you stop by the post office and have a 10 minute conversation you already have started the degradation process of all your groceries. If you have kids do you observe them using milk and returning it to the refrigerator immediately? And also how many people have refrigerator thermometers and know exactly how cold their refrigerators are? There are laws about safe handling of meat, milk, all dairy products, as well as laws about the proper working of the equipment that stores these items. There are county inspectors who do spot checks on the equipment and will make sure that this equipment is working properly. Here are guidelines for maintaining safety of milk: Refrigeration is the single most important factor in maintaining the safety of milk. By law, Grade A milk must be maintained at a temperature of 45 °F or below. Bacteria in milk will grow minimally below 45 °F. However, temperatures well below 40 °F are necessary to protect the milk's quality. It is critical that these temperatures be maintained through warehousing, distribution, delivery and storage. The cooler refrigerated milk is kept, the longer it lasts and the safer it is. As the product is allowed to warm, the bacteria grow more rapidly. Properly refrigerated, milk can withstand about two weeks' storage.