Opinion- Both Parties Showing Their True Colors This Election

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 18, 2016 / comments

"America is showing its true colors this election cycle" by David A. Sorensen

On the Democratic side, the party bosses keep their thumbs on the scale through undemocratic “superdelegates” who will make up 15 percent of the delegates at the convention. These unpledged delegates can vote for whomever they choose, regardless of the wishes of their constituents. The media plays along, showing superdelegates as favoring Hillary Clinton in a deceptive portrayal of where the race stands so far. And, to gain momentum, the Democratic establishment has front-loaded its primaries in red states sure to favor their darling. Thus, the corporate candidate, flush with Wall Street cash, heads toward her coronation. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton’s much-touted experience in government shows that what she is experienced at is neoliberal failure at home and bloody, chaotic interventions abroad.

On the Republican side, a racist, bigoted bully with four business bankruptcies on his resume plays on the fears, insecurities and ignorance of his followers, who are pathetically looking for a strongman to save them. This is what authoritarianism looks like as delivered by an infomercial huckster.