Opinion - Congressman McClintock and Veterans

by Placerville Newswire / Sep 24, 2018 / comments

[Terry Gherardi]

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank John Poimoroo, Capt. USN, Ret, for his service and second for his recent letter spelling out the real truth about what Congressman McClintock has done for our Veterans. I have seen this first hand with a couple of myVeteran friends.  Not only did the Congressman respond immediately to their requests & needs, but I also see this same response to his constituents, continually, by both the Congressman and his staff.

One only has to look at McClintock's voting record to see the legislation he has co-sponsored or authored, that has benefited Veterans and that to correct the delays and harm that was caused to our Veterans during the Obama administration.

Additionally, the Congressman has sponsored legislation in memory and in honor of our fallen heroes. In 2009, McClintock went before Congress to rename & dedicate the Portola Post Office to honor Army Sergeant Jeremiah Paul McCleery, who was shot and killed in a combat outpost in Iraq.

In 2010, McClintock introduced a bill to dedicate the Granite Bay Post Office in memory of Marine Corps Lance Corporal Victor Dew, who died during an ambush, and an explosive device destroyed his vehicle in Afghanistan.

And, it was June 1,2015, when the Congressman delivered a memorable speech before Congress, when he received the approval for his bill to honor one of El Dorado County's & our nations finest, Sky Mote. HR 979, designated a mountain peak in the John Muir Wilderness as “Sky Point”.

Sky Mote was a graduate of Union Mine High School, and was only 27, the day he grabbed his M4 rifle and exposed himself to a hail of gunfire in order to protect his fellow Marines.

My Congressman, Tom McClintock, is one who respects and honors those who serve and he steps up to the plate everyday to see that Veterans and their families receive the treatment and benefits they deserve, for the sacrifices they have made, protecting our country and its citizens. He opposed Obama's Iran deal. He opposes open borders and those who put the needs of criminals and illegal aliens before that of the health and safety of our nations citizens.

Compare this to Morse, who in a recent interview, with Laguna Talks on KX 93.5, sees Hezbollah as a “stabilizing influence on the communities in Lebanon.” Hezbollah is the Iranian funded terrorist group that have murdered thousands of people, including 241 servicemen in the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.

Ask Morse how she felt about Obama's and Kerry's Iran deal, with a portion of the U.S.  $1.7 billion ending up in the hands of terrorist groups, to include Hezbollah, who proclaim “death to America.

A vote the Congressman is a vote for our Veterans and our God Given Liberties.

Terry Gherardi
Cameron Park