Opinion - DACA, Let's Not Confuse Them With The Facts

by Placerville Newswire / Sep 10, 2017 / comments

[Terry Gherardi]

Main stream media and the former Obama administration have done a good job of misleading people by not telling the whole story, because division, deceit and disruption is the game of choice for liberals and progressives, regardless of the costs or risks to Americans and our republic form of government.

DACA, the illegal Dreamer's Act,  is a perfect example: From day one, Obama's DACA program was unconstitutional and even acknowledged as such by Obama on a number of occasions, warning that DACA could not guarantee that the Dreamers were not still at risk of being deported.  But remember, 2012 was an election year and it was worth giving a certain segment of the population false hopes.

Trump though, gets all the heat, because he is living up to his campaign promises. First to uphold the Constitution; second for immigration reform and next to strengthen the borders, with more border patrols and a wall. Since 2012, it is both a majority held Democrat and Republican Congress who have failed to do something about immigration. Congress makes the laws and Trump is calling on both sides of the aisle to start doing their jobs and do so quickly.

His action is similar to that of the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare. Both Democrats and Republicans have had years to fix the problems. Again,  another program that from the beginning, was destined to fail, even according to its own architect.

Again, DACA is unconstitutional, but yet, Janet Napolitano, who as President Obama's Homeland Security Secretary created the DACA program and now as the President of the University of California, is leading the school systems lawsuit demanding the program be reinstated. So, California taxpayers are paying for a legal action against a program that has already been deemed unconstitutional. 

Remember also,  it was just last April, when an audit revealed that the University of California hid a “stash of $175 million in secret funds while its leaders requested more taxpayer money from the state. Napolitano's office claimed the true amount was $38 million. Reportedly Napolitano said the money “was held for unexpected expenses such as emerging issues like increased support for undocumented students.”

In 2014, at a town hall, Hillary Clinton was asked about illegal immigration, she told the audience member; “just because your child gets across the border, that does not mean the child gets to stay.” She continued, “so, you don't want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or would encourage more children to ,make that dangerous journey.”

It was in 2006, when Obama, Biden, Clinton and Schumer, were among 26 Senate Democrats who voted in favor of 700 miles of fencing along a stretch of lands on the border of Mexico. Obama said, “it would help better fences & border security along our border and help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration to this country.”

It is time for Americans to decide if we are going to remain a nation of laws. Open your minds. The internet is a powerful resource to search out the truth and find out the whole story. Lastly, tell your representatives in Congress to stop kicking the can down the road and do the job you elected them to do.

Terry Gherardi
Cameron Park