Opinion - Don't look to the White House, look to Your House

by Placerville Newswire / Nov 10, 2016 / comments

The fearful posts from my friends sadden me.

This story is as old as the election process. One person wins, the other loses, some people rejoice and some people cry. In spite of every President Elect saying platitudes like "We need to come together as people and forget party lines", we never seem to. The rift is deeper now than it's ever been. 

Maybe it's time that we as a society of people decide for ourselves that we're going to fix the problem and not wait around for Great Leader to pretend to try to do it for us. Because it really has nothing to do with who sits in the Oval Office. It has to do with how you as an individual person sees and treats your neighbor. 

Is it possible for you to look at the ex-soldier with the conceal carry permit and the Trump sticker on his huge truck waiving the American flag and just see a normal guy who loves his country and his family? Or can you only see a racist, sexist, homophobe? 

Can you look at the group of black teens playing basketball in the park and see kids just like any others getting some exercise or can you only see a group of gang-bangers that would shoot you sooner than look at you?

I got news for you: while the negatives do exist, they're nowhere near as pervasive or insidious as our society and the media have characterized them to be. That's what we have to fix, and no president, not Trump, not Hillary, not the media, nobody will ever do that for us. 

It's time that we drop the narcissism, the pessimism and the paranoia - we're all guilty - and start doing some introspection. The change for our country is not going to come from Washington, it's going to come from within all of us.

I want you all to know that I appreciate every one of you as my family and my friends - no matter who you voted for, not matter what you believe, you're all unique, special people to me.

Ian Reynolds, Mather Field, Nov 9, 2016.