Opinion - El Dorado County is NOT a Sanctuary County

by Placerville Newswire / Nov 07, 2019 / comments

[John Appier]

Good to see our Sherriff tell it like it is at the news conference today.

The following statement was a post I placed on the El Dorado Chat Page...

The leaders of El Dorado County, as well as the City of Placerville, need to author a resolution that El Dorado County is NOT a Sanctuary County. The City of Placerville, and the City of South Lake Tahoe is NOT a safe haven for criminals and/or illegals.
All legal, and law abiding citizens, regardless of race, religion, gender and ethnicity, will be welcome.

There will be no nonsense with harboring illegals, and/or criminals. If any individual(s) choose to break the law, then the individual(s) will be subject to penalties adopted by the City and/or El Dorado County Charter, Policies, By-laws etc.

All Law Enforcement Officers will have the authorization to contact ICE, and to also confer with ICE.

Our County, as well as the Cities owe this to not only the law abiding citizens, but more importantly, to our Law Enforcement Officers.