Opinion: Jefferson Train Rolls On

by Placerville Newswire / May 02, 2016 / comments

I would like to thank all who attended the April 16th Jefferson Town Hall at Oak Ridge High School. I was particularly pleased to see so many young people and families with young children attend. They are what Jefferson is about. It is about a brighter future and liberty for our children and grandchildren. We must reclaim representation for all Northern rural county citizens. 

In recent months, Jefferson Town Halls have been occurring across twenty-one rural counties, with thousands walking away with a better understanding regarding California's troubling economy and unfair representation by the state senate. Speakers offer a real history lesson, defining our individual rights and powers under the U.S. Constitution, often not taught in public schools.

Rural county residents and businesses have already been hit hard by a fire tax and regulations and costs by CARB (California Air Resources Board) and will be impacted even more by Governor Brown's "California Climate Control Change Scoping Plan: 2030 Target", just 13 years away. In 2015 Brown warned, "his climate fight will cost trillions, disrupting lifestyles."

Is it any wonder why businesses continue to leave California? The answers are found in a recent report by George Mason University, observing that California "taxes and regulates its economy more than most other states" and ranks the last in 'Regulatory Freedom' and 49th in 'Occupational Licensing' regulations. As a result jobs are drying up and workers realize it."

If you buy into Governor Brown's and Obama;s claim about our"recovering economy" then you need to ask, why is city after city reporting massive deficits? Read the headlines: "Los Angeles Deficit Grows From $37 Million to $300 Million in One Year." Many counties are fearing the same. And, the November ballot will offer an "orgy" of tax increases and bond measures to the tune of at least $300 billion.

Do you feel secure in relying on the questionable financial stability of a state that annually ranks last in Chief Executive's Magazine's ranking in Best States/Worst States? A recent survey of entrepreneurs and business owners gave Idaho, Utah, Texas, Virginia and Tennessee an "A", while California received an "F" for failing. And just last week, it was reported in Moody's fiscal "stress report" that in a survey of 20 of the most populous states, California and Illinois are at the bottom in their ability to withstand a recession.

Jefferson supporters want future generations to have the opportunity to live and work where they were raised. There will be no corporate income tax in the 51st State. No longer will we see regulations and restrictions imposed on citizens & businesses, as continues to be the policy of California's state government with its 570 departments and commissions. 

The new state will be modeled after Idaho, with a population of approximately 1.7 million, operating with 50 or less departments and commissions, freeing up more tax dollars for cities and counties. With the promise of no corporate income tax and less bureaucracy companies will flock to the 51st State of North California or Jefferson. This is why more and more people along with state & local elected and candidates are willing to Stand Up For North California. Visit SOJ51net and watch for more Jefferson Town Halls coming to your local community soon.

Terry Gherardi, Cameron Park