Opinion - An Open Letter to Jerry Brown

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 04, 2018 / comments

[Stephen Ferry]

Governor, you are a Climate Change (CC) Propagandist hoping to control the people of California with this policy of insanity.  I remember years ago reading about the deceit of the left as the Climate Change professors at London’s East Anglia University and Penn State University exchanged emails laughing about people being dumb enough to believe in their insipid theory.  

You mock the deaths of our fire fighters in these latest fires blaming it on your Climate Change Propaganda.  These deaths are the result of government policy, including the feds, the state and the counties, who refuse to take care of our forests in the name of “environmentalism”.  The statement that cataclysmic forest fires are natural events belies the thought that so was polio, smallpox, and AIDS, but mankind overcame these diseases but added to the fire disasters.  

You speak of drought and how it is killing the forest when in fact it is the number of trees “you” have allowed to grow up in the forest which requires three times the amount of water to sustain those same trees.  The Bark Beetle must be laughing all the way to the next pine tree over your policies.  

Governor, you know that we have about 300 tress to the acre in our National and State Forests when they should number 100.  You know that the Spotted Owl cannot hunt in forests this dense along with creating difficulties for other species and these fires kill baby Bunnies and Bambi’s, Bears, Cats, Coyotes and so many more.  Fire is a major industry supported by government/taxes.  Forest management is mostly private businesses who log our forests.  These folks know trees!  They know that trees, both large and small, come out of the forest either as lumber or as smoke and ashes.  Give COUNTIES the right and the money to care for our local forests.  After all, look what you have done!!!  

Steve Ferry, El Dorado Hills