Opinion: The Thesis for Prosecuting the Clintons

by Placerville Newswire / Jan 06, 2017 / comments

This is to provide background for why the US government should prosecute the Clinton’s. We at least know that Hillary (HRC) had a server in her basement that was used illegally. We know that the Clinton’s were giving speeches to banks and foreign governments for very large fees. We know that the IRS is investigating Chelsea Clinton for tax fraud. We don’t know if Russia hacked her in-home server and we should know if Russia did that and what they stole from Mrs. Clinton’s unprotected server.

Why should we prosecute to the limit of the law?

1. First, no one is above the law!

2. Second, it would determine the independence of the Department of Justice under President Trump.

3. If guilty under RICO then the $200,000,000 or so could be confiscated and used to fund the Police Officers Benevolent Fund.

4. It would allow the citizens of the US to know the depth of the hacking of national secrets by foreign governments.

5. If the Clinton’s really were in a Pay for Play relationship with foreign governments then we would know that fact and we would know the appropriate penalties in line with others who have been convicted of the same type of crimes.

6. Chelsea also has issues with the IRS and $10,000,000 from the Clinton Global Initiative that the IRS is investigating, noted above.

7. If the Clinton’s are Not Guilty then the world will only know that through the legal system. Otherwise they will always be subject to doubt and conjecture.

We the People need to know the degree of risk that the Clinton’s have created for the United States and possibly other of our friends. Just giving amnesty to the family and sending them into political oblivion is not enough as they then can use the $200,000,000 to influence our elections for years to come. No sir, they have to at least be treated the same as Bernie Madoff who only cheated people out of their money. But, like Bernie, they are innocent until proven guilty!!