Opinion - Turning El Dorado County Blue

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 27, 2018 / comments

[Steve Ferry, El Dorado Hills]

One of the great oxymorons for El Dorado County (EDC) is that the political registrations are highly favorable to Republicans, so why do we have so many Democrats elected to our county offices? I get it that Democrats have certain policies that they favor, such as Sanctuary State, Planned Parenthood, hate Trump, gun confiscation, speech restrictions, and protection of Illegal aliens and restriction of representation.

Republicans, on the other hand support, the elimination of Sanctuary policy for the state, they are “Pro Life”, support President Trump, want to retain their guns and ammunition, support freedom of speech and religion and think that the public should be protected by our police/sheriff not the criminal. They also support requiring proper representation in our State Senate.

These are very clear differences and it would seem that the choice of who to vote for would be easy, but its not, and it is not for one reason. The Democrats found that Land Use is a very powerful trigger in EDC and they have narrowed the debate to just this issue. A small contingent of folks have ruled the narrative on this subject in spite of losing in court on Measure E which would have taken away the publics rights (that is you) on Land Use. This contingent of folks have complained that the Zoning Ordinance Update (ZOU) was badly done even though it is a requirement of state law to update the General Plan on a regular basis. This group even tried to recall the Board of Supervisors (BOS) because the BOS obeyed state law.

Check this quote from the El Dorado County Alliance for Responsible Planning (EDCARP). http://http://www.edcarp.org/15-documents-and-publications/6-documents-and-publications — “Most development activity and nearly all new housing built since 2004 involves projects approved before 1999. Through 2015, fewer than 200 new residential lots have been approved and finalized.” Yes, folks, that means EDC has only created about 10 new units per year for 20 years outside the projects that were approved long before adoption of our 2004 General Plan.

When you go to the BOS to ask them to join the lawsuit against the Sanctuary State law and they don’t do it, maybe its because of their basic belief system (see above). When the time comes to confiscate your guns, who will be on the board that serves your beliefs? When they decide to open a new Planned Parenthood facility or Stem Express to sell baby body parts again who will be making that decision? Your government will ruin your way of life a lot quicker than any developer.

The public should know the belief system of the candidates running for public office because even if they don’t make the final vote they will still influence the folks who do make the vote. Three of these positions in this next election: 1. District Four Supervisor, Michael Ranalli, Republican and Lori Parlin Democrat. 2. Tax Collector, Anne Billingsley, Republican and Karen Coleman, Democrat. 3. District Attorney, Vern Pierson, Republican and Patricia Kelliher, Democrat.

Vote their conscience OR yours….

Steve Ferry, El Dorado Hills.