Opposing Proposed County Charter Changes

by Placerville Newswire / Jun 30, 2018 / comments

[Todd White]

On June 26 the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors forwarded for voter approval several proposed changes to the County Charter. One change would eliminate the voters’ right to elect the offices of Recorder-Clerk, Treasurer-Tax Collector, Surveyor, and Auditor-Controller, and instead leave the decision to the Board of Supervisors. These positions would not be vetted by the people, but would be selected by only a handful of people.

In 1994 the voters overwhelmingly approved the County Charter to ensure that they would have effective input in their local government. In essence, the County Charter is a local version of our nation’s Constitution. It is our responsibility as citizens to stay informed and vigilant, to ensure that our rights stay intact.

Fortunately, the County Charter can only be amended by the people of El Dorado County. If our county doesn’t have elected department heads with the knowledge and background necessary to fight for the rights of the people, then we may end up with a local government that is controlled by the select few.

Pollock Pines