Over 24,000 ballots yet to be counted in El Dorado County

[Paula Peterson, South Tahoe Now]

With a narrow margin in the ballot measure concerning the future of vacation rentals in South Lake Tahoe, and other races still close, everyone is awaiting the release of more results from Tuesday's election.

You'll still have to wait a bit longer.

On Friday, November 9, El Dorado County Elections will post the next round of results, but it won't be the last as there are over 24,000 ballots yet to count.

13,372 mail-in ballots were dropped off at the polls
2,614 provisional ballots
8,365 conditional ballots, those dropped off in drops boxes in South Lake Tahoe and Placerville and received in the mail Tuesday

Plus, it is unknown how many ballots were postmarked on Tuesday but haven't been received in the mail.

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