Overtourism Forces Beloved Daffodil Ranch to Close Its Doors

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 21, 2019 / comments

[Californai County News]

A beloved daffodil ranch in Amador County has become the latest casualty of America’s selfie culture.

The owners of Daffodil Hill in Volcano, California say they’re closing “indefinitely” because they cannot handle the onslaught of people looking to take a snapshot with their beautiful flowers.

“The generations that came before us who purchased this property in 1887, which evolved into Daffodil Hill, could never have envisioned that their efforts would have ever grown into such a beloved attraction,” the family said in a Facebook post. “Sadly, it is this overwhelming popularity that has led us to our decision to close.”

Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan, who co-owns the ranch, told KCRA3 that “our success led to our demise.” 

As the Washington Post notes, Daffodil Hill’s fate is reminiscent of the Lake Elsinore poppy super bloom. The area was so overwhelmed by tourists this year that city officials had to close access to the attraction temporarily

Daffodil Hill has welcomed visitors for more than 80 years and boasts 300,000 flowers when in full bloom.