Owners of Saluti Cellars purchase the vacant lot across from Gold Vine for Undecided RE-Development

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 20, 2020 / comments

[Randy and Tina Rossi]

"To put rumors to rest, my wife and I recently purchased the lot. For years, we have tried to purchase the property where Gold Vine and the storage lockers are located [Somerset at E16 & Bucks Bar/Grizzly Flat road]. Our goal was to completely get rid of the storage lockers, greatly improve the building and give it a beautiful mountain feel. The owners did not want to sell.

What was happening at the intersection was upsetting. Homeless were moving in, drug dealing and sex trafficking was occurring and vehicles were being abandoned on the lot and behind Gold Vine.

We purchased the vacant lot across from Gold Vine. We have not decided what to put on the property but whatever it is it will reflect a beautiful mountain feel and support the community. For now most but not all of the property will be secured. A sign granting access with permission and with phone number will be posted. Unfortunately, the lot had become an attractive nuisance with trash, oil dumping, needles, condoms, and abandoned vehicles.

We care greatly about our community! We both volunteer our time for our community by serving as directors on local fire and domestic violence boards and by raising funds for our fire and police services as the owners of Saluti Cellars Winery.

We love our community and will make it better. As the entrance to the Fairplay wine region we want to make it inviting with an entrance sign similar, but with ”Welcome Fairplay Wine Region”, the attached.
Feel free to call us to discuss your thoughts (530) 957-2528." - Randy and Tina Rossi.