Penis Flasher at Local Gas Station Meets His Match - Runs Away

by Placerville Newswire / Sep 17, 2016 / comments

Deborahe Prock reported this morning that a Flasher at the Valero in Diamond Springs might have been insulted by her "Tri-Focals" response!

"So I am still cracking up at the rude guy who helped me start off my day. Getting gas at the Valero in Diamond Springs. A guy says..."Hey Girl", I turn around and he has his penis hanging out to which I said "Wow good thing I have trifocals I almost missed that little thing" he started dashing across the parking lot as I am yelling, "wait the internet has things for that." 

"The guy at the next pump is like, "Hell NO that did not just happen", the girl in the store called the police. 

"Guess I'm just getting too old, I felt sorry for the guy and laughed all day.