Pet Business and CBD-Hemp

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 18, 2018 / comments


Handling the Legal Uncertainties Surrounding CBD

While CBD products hold vast potential for the pet industry, there are still hurdles that must be overcome to ensure the longevity of the trend.

The CBD trend could be the biggest thing to hit the pet industry since dog and cat food went grain-free—but not if it is handled the wrong way by manufacturers and retailers.

While CBD products are already making a huge impact in pet stores across the country, this is still a relatively new trend that hasn’t even come close to realizing its full potential. Imagine what this movement could grow into as more pet owners become better educated on the many wellness benefits CBD can provide for our animal companions, especially if it is eventually approved as a pet food ingredient.

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Debunking Misinformation About CBD Labeling

In an open letter to the industry, Pet Releaf's Steve Smith addresses the notion that it is illegal to use the term "CBD" on product labels.

To All Animal Lovers, As the true pioneers of the hemp derived CBD pet industry, we feel morally obligated to issue this memo to debunk the scare tactics and absolute false information being peddled in the pet industry regarding the use of the term “CBD” on labels. 

Despite the claims of ...

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Answering Common Questions About Hemp & CBD

Bill Bookout, president and founder of the National Animal Supplement Council, shares his organization's perspective on the use of hemp in pet products.

The hemp/CBD issue is the hottest topic in the pet industry today, and the significant passion and emotion connected to the issue can lead to misinformation and confusion.

I get multiple calls each week from companies wanting to market hemp and/or CBD in animal products and must explain that the regulatory environment for animal products is not the same as for human products and the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) does not apply to animals.

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