Pimlott - "Denied families of fallen heroes their Death Benefits says Cockrell"

by Placerville Newswire / Jan 17, 2020 / comments

[Write-In District 2 Candidate Chris Cockrell]

District 2 and Cameron Park deserve better than this Pimlott guy. 

PLEASE READ: Here some of the facts about the ring leader of an administration circus, Ken Pilott. He uses employees as shields, he denied families if fallen heroes their much needed death benefits, he created a slush fund of taxpayers monies for his own use and he covered up over forest harvesting so his boss and his bosses friends could benefit from it.

There were over 21 families that deserved the fire fighter’s death benefit. The families sacrificed everything for the citizens of California. I was ordered by Ken Pimlott and Janet Barentson not to disclose the law that would have given these families a boost. Instead these families, wives and children struggled. Foreclosed homes, college benefits denied and suicidal thoughts set in. The main bread winners who were gone over half the year fighting fires were gone…

During the academy investigation, the number two ranked member of the departments law enforcement division stated “you can’t trust Ken Pimlott and Janet Barentson, they are dirty” and “they have broken many laws, but the local DA offices won’t do anything about it because of who they are”. These statements were swore statements.
Also during the hearings for the academy investigation, it was exposed that Pimlott knew about the drinking. Including a detailed time and place Pimlott was present where drinking of employees in uniform on state time was taking place. Pimlott refused to take the stand instead was allowed to give a written statement where he couldn’t be questioned. He denied knowing anything.

Pimlott created a slush fund from fines for his own use, which provided him protection. While overseeing the State Fire Marshal’s Office, Pimlott had an illegal slush fund created with fine money from money recovered from the citizen and companies of California. He would use this money disguised as a “grant” given to different District Attorney Offices of the recovery money. This was found to be illegal and shut down. Buying he get out of jail card as was described by his own law enforcement section of CAL FIRE. All the uniformed chiefs involved were promoted by Pimlott after the findings showed it was illegal to have this fund which he knew about. He used state funds, to buy he loyalty by promoting people who would protect him.

Pimlott’s forestry protection section of CAL FIRE order to look the other way when the second largest forest products company was over harvesting over an estimated $200,000,000 worth of board feet. This company happens to be owned by the same family who owns GAP clothing line. The now former CFO, Anna Brown, wife of former Governor Jerry Brown, Pimlott’s boss.

Pimlott promoted and protected the “loyal to the throne”. During the academy investigation the number two assistant chief admitted to having 12 prostitutes while on duty, using a state vehicle and state fund to pay for the room. He was promoted two ranks up before Pimlott left office. The top academy chief who admitted to the knowledge of the drinking and that one of the employees was using Red Book to find prostitutes including the prostitutes then Battalion Chief Moe Fleming, who received numerous awards from Pimlott, murdered that sparked the academy investigation, has now been promoted three ranks, the first was a week before discipline was passed out to academy staff. Another person was promoted a few ranks up even though it was proven he lied about a fire investigation cause, collected money for the slush fund, which all had to be returned.

Anyone of Pimlott’s scandals should have had him thrown out of office. Instead he will have an approximate $230,000 a year retirement of taxpayer money the rest of his life to fund his next political life.

Full discloser, I was the fall guy for Pimlott. I refused to turn on the families and my employees that were under me was order to. I am still fighting for my job and more importantly my Department to right so much destruction Pimlott’s administration did.

Pimlott you decided to step into an open political space. I will publish the truth at ever corner. I am not even close to being done with exposing you.

I have all the documentation to prove the above. I will be happy to share it.
Mike Ramirez, former Cal Fire Division Chief

Write-In Candidate Chris Cockrell - District 2