Pinewood Kindergarten Round-Up, Monday, August 15th

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 14, 2016 / comments

Pinewood Kindergarten Round-Up will be held on Monday, August 15th, starting at 9 a.m.

Posted by: Carmen Hodson

Round-Up Agenda

9:00 Meeting in Multipurpose Room- introductions of
district staff and teachers. Cafeteria procedures and
transportation discussion.

9:30 Children take bus ride (about 15-20 minutes)
Parents to classroom Room 2 directly across the way.
Classroom Agenda—Welcome letter, questions and concerns.

9:50 Kids return from bus ride, parents meet and return and conduct a tour of the classroom.

Please help them find the following:
Their cubbies, (Take home the gift book to read tonight)
Their table spot
The bathroom (including the light on the wall outside of the door).

Feel free to talk about the importance of this not being a playing area. We close but do not lock the door. When we leave we leave the door open so people know it is free to use.
The sink, soap and towels and emphasize the importance of washing after bathroom use, and again, this is not a playing area.

Our bookcase, and craft area
The free choice play things, however, please refrain from playing with them at this time.

Then: kids gather with me at the rug for about 15-20 minutes of songs and stories, allowing parents the time to fill out the 3 forms needed today and any of the other forms as desired. Complete, (all sides and signatures) and turn in today:
1) Emergency Card (small white card both sides please)
2) Going home information page (pink, both sides)
3) Transportation form (gold)

You may turn in all the other forms too if you would like to fill them out at this time. Students return to you at the tables to color a self-portrait for our wall.

I will take a photo of each child at this time for our wall and some school projects. (Please help me make sure I get your child’s picture before you leave.

Additionally, if you have time please choose a book from the counter to read with your child before you leave.

*Note  *Polar Bears (before and after school day care operated by the County Office of Education), is open for sign-ups today on site if interested.

Please talk about how playground rules may be different at school than when you are here as a family. Feel free to go out later to play; the rules are included in your folder.

Feel free to tour the rest of the school today too.

Thank you for coming to Round-Up. I am looking forward to a great year!