Placerville Residents Use Spray Paint, Phallic Symbols to Draw Attention to Potholes

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 12, 2017 / comments


 PLACERVILLE -- Someone in Placerville is using spray paint, and some phallic symbols, to draw attention to some potholes on Wood Ridge Court.

Neighbors in the area say the potholes along the street have gone unrepaired for a long time, but the graffiti just recently appeared. One spot had the phrase "what are taxes for."

Resident Geof Peabody said he knows the guy who did it, and said the guy did it out of frustration.

"Watched the kid who lives around here, he got a ticket because his front license plate fell off going through here, so they gave him a ticket for not having a front license plate," Peabody said.

Resident Lucas Aspenleiter said he doesn't think the city will do anything because it is a low-income neighborhood.

"Penalizing me for being poor, now I got to fix my car driving on this road, and I don't have enough money to do all that," he said.

City of Placerville work crews were in the neighborhood Tuesday to remove the graffiti. The potholes were still there.

The city manager's office would not comment on the potholes or graffiti.

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