Placerville School Board Member Runs for Congress

by Placerville Newswire / Nov 24, 2018 / comments

[Sean Frame, Crowdpac]

I moved to Placerville 10 years ago because I love the sense of community that exists here.  I wasn’t born here, but I chose this as the place where my sons would grow up, where I would run my business, and where I would grow old.  It was a great decision.

I have served on the Board of Trustees for Placerville Union School District for the last seven years. This responsibility has taught me that most issues cut across political and ideological boundaries and that solutions can be found when we keep our focus on serving the people we represent.  Using the experience I have gained finding solutions for the children of our community, I will build coalitions and find solutions to the great challenges we face as a district and as a nation.

I am running for Congress in California District 4 because the people of our District should have the opportunity to vote for someone who lives here, who will listen to their concerns, work hard to meet their needs, and will clearly address the issues that affect us while offering tangible and fiscally responsible solutions.  Here are some of the issues you can expect to be at the center of my campaign:

-Medicare for All that Includes Keeping and Improving the VA

-Raising the Minimum Wage and Rewarding Hard Work with a Fair Tax Code

-Universal Pre-School

-Free Tuition for College and Career Education

-Increasing the Number of Quality Senior Care and Childcare Providers

-Fixing our Broken Immigration System and Giving Dreamers a Path to Full Citizenship

-Repairing our Crumbling Infrastructure

-Bringing Broadband Internet to our Rural Communities

-Improving Forest Management, Fire Safety, and Emergency Management

My campaign will be completely grassroots, which means my ability to win will hinge upon the support of individual donors. I will not accept ANY corporate PAC money because I believe that would hinder my ability to authentically represent YOU.

My campaign slogan will be the same as my motto when I am elected.   “I work for you.”