by Placerville Newswire / Apr 06, 2017 / comments

[Opinion by Terry Gherardi]

Even though polls show that 74% of Californian's oppose California becoming a Sanctuary State, Senator Kevin Leon's SB 54 continues to move through the State Legislature with many predicting passage of the Bill.

In the rural counties of Jefferson some cities and counties are petitioning their city or county leaders to comply with Federal Immigration Laws or go on record opposing SB 54. But at last reports this is far and few between. The El Dorado County Republican Party has sent letters/resolutions, to both the County Board of Supervisors and Placerville City Council, with action expected in the next couple of weeks. Tehama and Siskiyou Counties and City of Anderson have voted to comply with Federal Immigration Laws and that their county or city does not constitute a Sanctuary jurisdiction. The City of Lincoln voted to oppose SB 54.

Senate Bill 54, or the "California Values Act", is seen as a Statewide Sanctuary law that would largely keep State law enforcement officials and other state institutions from collaborating with Federal Immigration authorities.

Opposition and action should be pursued by all County Central Committees and most certainly State of Jefferson County Committees. If nothing else we and county elected officials should be on record supporting our County Sheriff's. The California State Sheriff's Association is one of the Bill's staunchest opponents in part because since the 1990's, local sheriffs have reaped millions of dollars annually by renting jail space to the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement for its detainees.

If SB 54 passes there is also the possibility that the State and more important city & county governments who are already suffering economically could end up losing their Federal funding.

Terry Gherardi