Political Commentary - State of Jefferson, Big Difference From All the Rest

by Placerville Newswire / Jan 27, 2018 / comments

[Terry Gherardi, Citizens for Fair Representation dba State of Jefferson]

The Media Blitz about New California has brought great attention & concern for many in our Jefferson Counties, but perhaps even greater confusion for  Californians, or, “here we go again,”  as stated by many in the news media. This is in reference to the various movements or actions underway, to separate or secede from California.

The only similarity between State of Jefferson and New California is, both movements are looking to separate under Articled 4, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.  What sets us apart from New California and others is that State of Jefferson and Citizens for Fair Representation, is About Representation.

January 2016 -The date when all  twenty-one counties completed filing declarations/petitions with the Secretary of State and Legislature, seeking equal/fair representation and/or to separate (not secede) from the State of California. This was followed by tens of thousands of   emails, letters, phone calls, faxes and visits  to legislative offices, by constituents, requesting their elected representatives author a Bill or Resolution to resolve the imbalance of representation; the worst of all 50 states. All requests went ignored

May 8, 2017 – Citizens for Fair Representation filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Alex Padilla, for lack of representation and dilution of vote. In September, the first hearing was held in the U.S. Federal District Court and CFR is currently awaiting the date to be scheduled for the second hearing.

Who Are the Rest & What is the Difference?

State of New California: Still includes many counties of the greater bay area and Southern California, who would still retain the majority seats in both chambers of their new state legislature, or same imbalance of representation. As far as the odds of the California state legislature approving their separation from the state -  on January 25th, in a New California website survey, Californian's were asked,  “would you support the State of New California;” 90 % of  a little over 20,000, responded NO.

Tim Draper's 3-way state split: Petitions are currently being circulated for an initiative on the November 2018 ballot, to split the state into three. One cannot split a state by just a vote of the people. It  still has to be approved by the State Legislature and U.S. Congress. Stan Statham tried this in 1992, and a majority of the northern counties did in fact vote yes, as did the State Assembly, but it failed to pass in the Senate.

Yes California,Calexit: Once again, now circulating a second round of petitions,  for a ballot initiative, to secede from the United States, forming its own country. If they gather the required number of signatures to place on the November 2018 ballot and voters approve, this would have to be placed on another ballot on the next general election (2020). If voters were to approve, both,, the United States and California State Constitutions would have to be amended.

John Cox, Neighborhood Legislation:  Watch for this on this initiative on this years election ballot. Because the state assembly & senate districts have grown so large; one assembly member for every 500,000 and one senator for every million, the Cox initiative, divides each of those huge districts into 100 neighborhoods – each with its own represenative. Those 100 representatives in each district will meet and select and select one of their number to go to Sacramento. The problem – There will still just 80 assembly members and 40 senators meeting & voting in the Capitol building. The one county of Los Angeles will still have fifteen senators and we in the Northern rural area, will still have only one senator representing 11 counties. Southern California and greater San Francisco Bay Area, still rule.

Strong on Jefferson & Representation

State of Jefferson & Citizens for Fair Representation: The largest movement and only movement in California, seeking equal/fair representation for all citizens, in all 58 counties of California and when successful, will also impact those citizens in about 30 other states. This resolve has been undertaken by a diverse number of plaintiffs, to include cities & counties,  using the process allowed under our nations Judicial system. As previously noted, the case is  currently being heard in the U.S. Federal District Court, Eastern District, Sacramento Division, Judge K. Mueller presiding.