Political Commentary -- Tow the Party Line or it's Your Fault?

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 20, 2016 / comments

THE REAL ANGER IN THE GOP [by Crystal of the Conservative Push Coalition]  

This morning I woke up to a post on FB from a Trump supporting friend, urging me to quit being stubborn with all of the #NeverTrump stuff. The gist of it was that I MUST support Trump if he is the Republican nominee and that my unwillingness to do so will lead to a Clinton presidency-an evil that will fall directly on MY shoulders.

Uhm, wrong.

The GOP has been an utter failure for the last seven years.  Distraught by watching a democrat controlled House, Senate, and President dismantle and attempt to “fundamentally transform” our great nation into a corrupt, socialist dystopia, conservatives rallied in great numbers sending a mandate as we backed Republicans who promised that they would stop this destruction.  Not only have they failed in this task, they have openly embraced these same policies, caring only for their own personal power and influence.

My party has shown no loyalty to me as it ushered in Obamacare. It offered show votes when they could have de-funded it, and criticized Ted Cruz, the one person who tried to stop it.

My party has shown no loyalty to me as it stood by, thumbs in pockets, allowing an influx of refugees and illegal immigrants who receive more benefits than my own children.  Instead of standing up for Americans, my party offered tacit approval while democrats called me racist and intolerant for daring to question.

My party has shown no loyalty to me as they supported the Omnibus, gave billions to Iran, left hostages to rot in prison cells, held dramatic hearings on Benghazi and an email scandal that ultimately led to nothing.  Many people lied, while four men died.  Where is the outrage? It’s business as usual as they rally to protect one of their own, one of the ruling class elites.  

Where was their loyalty to me as I sat by helpless, watching the national debt go through the ceiling, watching millions of Americans leave the workforce either by layoffs or because it has just become more affordable to watch soaps and allow Uncle Sam to worry about the bills?

Where was their loyalty to me when they increased welfare handouts and disability benefits by skyrocketing numbers, or when they watched our national credit score drop?

Where was their loyalty to me as they supported huge government bailouts to their crony capitalist buddies, while watching the VA crumble and our veterans die?

Where was their loyalty to me as they gave guns to Mexican cartels without investigation, and then blamed law abiding gun owners each and every time some form of gun violence occurred?

Where was their loyalty to me as we watched terrorism get labeled “workplace violence,” and allowed ISIS to grow into a gargantuan threat simply to save political face?

Where was their loyalty to me when the IRS targeted conservative groups and harassed small business owners who dared to protest unbridled government regulations that destroyed their years of hard work as many closed their businesses forever?

Certainly I can go on, but let me assure you, the GOP had their hand in each and every one of these total failures either by helping or simply refusing to interfere. Sure, I saw Boehner’s crocodile tears as he snuggled up in a warm embrace with Pelosi, and I saw Ryan’s gleaming, crocodile grin as he assured us that you just wait until next time, because then he will get things done.

Yet I’m to blame?

Last Tuesday we watched state after state succumb to the Trump fever, edging out the only conservative and certainly the only constitutional conservative left in this race-Ted Cruz.   State after state blindly voted for a man whose entire campaign has revolved around bigotry, insults, bribery and childishness.

Yet I’m to blame?

Certainly the GOP recognizes its catastrophic failures, and they made certain to send me an email with that near exact opening phrase, but then had the audacity to ask me for money-because THAT’s how we can erase the last seven plus years.  They have even gone so far as to assure me that giving them money will help Ted Cruz; a candidate that they have ignored, belittled and lambasted simply because he wouldn’t stand by idly as they burned this country down for their own personal agendas. A candidate that they have demanded apologize to “them” for calling them out on their lies.

Yet I’m to blame?

Not only has the GOP torn open the wound, they have poured a mixture of salt and rubbing alcohol into it and then lit it on fire. Just as I was certain that there was nothing left they could compromise-no other defeat, deflection and denial they could torture me with, they surprise me again by allowing a lifelong liberal progressive to run as a Republican for the presidency of the United States.

Yet I’m to blame?

I watch as this orange tyrant, the personification of Washington cronyism, stands at a podium promising to build a wall- that’s where the betrayal REALLY begins. Now the embarrassed shame I have for my party, transfers over into the embarrassed shame I have for the American public.

Filled with anger and animosity for the GOP, over the countless broken promises, the American voters have decided that an elitist billionaire with a lifetime of immoral and unethical decisions is not only fit to lead this great nation, but will be its savior!

This man, who openly and unabashedly supported all of the major players who sabotaged our present and much of our future, is suddenly going to do a 180 and like a knight in shining armor, rush in to our rescue? You choose to vote for a man on a hope, like those who supported Obama, yet you trust Trump to march in and clean house, despite the fact that he admits he will do no such thing.   Trump has stated he will make deals, negotiate, compromise, because “we’ve got to get things done,” and like the Obama supporters you once criticized, you believe him.

Yet it’s my fault?


You vote for a man who belittles and objectifies women, a quality that you would punch anyone else’s lights out for had it been yourwife or your daughter he was speaking about.

You vote for a man who spouts off bigoted and racist remarks, despite understanding the position of our nation against the rest of the world, and you applaud him for it.

You vote for a man that thinks making fun of the disabled (for their disability) is acceptable as long as they’ve hacked him off.

You vote for a man who freely admits that he doesn’t ask for forgiveness for sins, a prerequisite for any Christian religion, and then cry “glasshouses and stones” when someone like me points it out.

You vote for a man who thinks anyone who disagrees with him is unfair, who refuses to debate people who can and will make him look foolish, who thinks CPAC owes him special favors, all of which means he thinks he’s too good to have to answer to you.

You vote for a man who is openly buying this election through paying off media, promising cabinet positions for endorsements, running round the clock propaganda sites to confuse and trick you, and reminding everyone with whom he has ever made a donation to, that he’s coming to their city too.  

You vote for a man who, along with Hillary, has questionable ties to Soros, has the shadiest personal history of anyone that has ever run for the presidency; a man who can’t even articulate a single plan in regards to foreign policy, an issue you claim is critical by your polling.

You vote for a man who changes his mind on a whim, who not only has been a former liberal, but from his mouth to your ears, still supports a largely liberal agenda.

You vote for a man who barely even mentions the constitution and even threatens to alter it by squashing free speech against him and by instilling a healthcare plan left of Obamacare-to name a couple.

You vote for a man who loves money more than your life, and speaks about himself in an almost godlike way, but you refuse to compare him to communist rulers because it’s not nice.

You vote for a man whose speech calls for violence-who threatens the GOP with riots and you say, “About time.”

You vote for a man that asks you to pledge to him, when the only thing he has pledged to you for certain is that he has zero problem changing his mind about anything and everything, sometimes within the exact same speech.

You vote for this man, who is the exact polar opposite of what is good for this country and for our children, not because he has experience (since he doesn’t), not because he is presidential (because he isn’t), not because he brings in a meaningful conservative agenda (because he hasn’t), but because you HOPE he will get the job done.

You vote for a man that makes fun of you, of all of us, and you pretend you don’t get the joke.

You vote for a man who CANNOT beat Hillary, according to almost every poll, no matter how much common core math you apply.

Yet I’m at fault for not wanting to take that sort of gamble with all of our lives?

You have forced this issue upon us, Trump voters, not the other way around! If you worked for Trump, he’d fire you for being so willfully ignorant!

You somehow think my lack of support for a candidate as vile as Donald Trump makes me a traitor? That it’s my unwillingness to cooperate that will usher in a Hillary victory? 

It is your vote and your candidate that will do that, and I will not be saddled with the responsibility. I will not give into peer pressure from the GOP or from you, Trump voter, to compromise my beliefs YET AGAIN, for the sake of seeing your tantrum run its course.

‘I have watched you support Trump over Ted Cruz for ridiculous reasons, none of which are based on facts or voting records, and are nothing more than one of the many lies you hear in a Donald Trump sound bite.  You scoff at his resume, mock his appearance, and ignore his superior voting record and commitment to God and family.  

The establishment despises Cruz and does everything in its power to guarantee that anyone other than him takes the presidency.  Yet you ignore all these facts, even when Donald confirms them himself.  

You still believe that it’s Trump not Cruz that the establishment really fears. Yet, in your mind, I’m to blame?

Trump voters, you’re right about one thing: there is a deep anger growing and a desire to give this country back to God’s people, to red-blooded patriots. As much as I cringe to think Cruz will not run third party, that he will not break his word to save the republic from a certain doom, it is also this very reason why I love him so dearly. These are the traits of an honest and steadfast leader who refuses to lower his standards and disregard his principles for any reason. Isn’t that what we need?

Where you Trump voters are mistaken, however, is that it won’t be your misplaced anger that is going to lead this country into a revolution. It is ours!  

The #NeverTrumps, will tear the heart out of the GOP, with or without your help. It is this sorrowful day in history, when millions of us will scream loudly, “GOP, we don’t want your establishment RINO Kasich, we don’t want your third party hack jumping in the convention, and we will not tolerate a liberal and unpredictable Trump because he doesn’t speak for us, he doesn’t share our values, nor has he proven his worth.”

Despite how Dr. Carson feels, four years is plenty of time to crush a nation. The GOP is working feverishly to prevent the day of reckoning because they’re too stubborn to realize it is ALREADY here. It’s #CruzOrLose.

Trump is the least of your worries, GOP. You can take that to the bank.

So please, Trump voter, don’t blame the #NeverTrumps for your compromise. I’ll write in Ted Cruz. I’ll sleep just fine, and when I wake up to see my freedoms vanquished, I’ll lay the blame squarely on YOU.  


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