Political Opinion - Buying Swamp Land

by Placerville Newswire / Jun 13, 2017 / comments

[Terry Gherardi]

There is an old phrase: “If you believe what I just said, then I have some great swamp land to sell you.”  In recent years, too many California taxpayers have become willing “buyers” and not reading the fine print and have bought into Governor Brown’s swamp in Sacramento. These buyers have been duped and they continue to be duped by a Governor who, in his 2014 re-election bid, promised he would not raise taxes without the voters’ approval.
But Brown has gone back on his word. Brown and the State Legislature’s recent increases of fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees are causing taxpayers to wake up finding that their swamp neighbors are in fact snakes who have no intention of draining the swamp, but only to drain taxpayers’ bank accounts.
Brown and his liberals continually offer the best ammunition to convince taxpayers to invest in the State of Jefferson, but we have to adjust our sales pitch by spreading the word about the new tax and fee proposals by the State Legislature that was recently revealed by the California Tax Foundation.
The Legislature has proposed increasing taxes and fees of an average of $2 billion per day since the start of the 2017-18 session in December 2016. In fact, California lawmakers have introduced ninety (90) bills that cumulatively would cost taxpayers more than $370 billion in higher taxes and fees. Also noting that, since the start of the legislative session in December, lawmakers have introduced 2,578 bills and constitutional amendments.
Of these, the top 5 most costly bills include:

1)  SB-640 – Sales tax on services, not currently subject to tax, $122.6 Billion
2)  SB 76 – Death Tax, $4.52 Billion

Currently in committee, is…

3)  SB 562, Single Payer Health Care Tax, $200 Billion
4)  ACA 2, Groceries, Snacks & Candy Tax, $8.65 Billion

And already signed into law is…

5)  SB 1 – Transportation Taxes & Fees, $5.2 Billion.
Not enough for you yet?
There is legislation to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction for second homes, including rental housing, $240 million. ACA 11 imposes a state wide 0.25 percent (25%) sales and use tax to fund affordable housing and homeless shelter programs, $1.5 Billion. SB 421 allows each county to impose a car tax, up to 2 percent of the vehicle’s value.
But wait there's more.....AC4 promises to increase local taxes but it is unknown how much. Fortunately, this would have to be approved by voters, but by 55 percent of the voters instead of a two-thirds vote, as is presently required. However, what is assured is, if AC4 were to pass “the cost to taxpayers could reach into the billions of dollars annually.”
It is time that We The People of Jefferson use every opportunity to let people know that the snakes and gators want to grow the swamp and feel they can do so because a major portion of those living outside the swamp have no voice. This of course, is due to the imbalance of representation that continues in the State.
Write those letters to the editor. Call in to talk shows. Continue the drive to get more declaration forms signed. And, visit those who will be impacted the most – the small business owner. Let them know there is another option and it is called the State of Jefferson. It's Time for 51.
by Terry Gherardi