Political Opinion - Character Matters, Horne Tops White For Recorder-Clerk

by Placerville Newswire / Oct 22, 2018 / comments

[Dan Dellinger]
During last June’s primary voters had a choice between a well-connected political insider, a real estate industry insider, and a reformer, but voters rejected my ideas for reform and split their votes between my opponents Todd White and Janelle Horne.  After observing and visiting with both candidates I believe that Janelle Horne is a far better choice to become our next Recorder-Clerk because of her wholesome character and her opponents character deficiencies.

To me character is the main component of a person’s moral compass.  Janelle Horn is running a clean campaign marketing her experience and qualifications while Todd White is conducting a campaign of personal destruction built upon false facts and fiction.  During the June Primary Todd White’s campaign circulated a false “research dossier” filled with outright fictitious fabrications as a vehicle to attack me and my credibly and sent a heckler to try to disrupt events I was speaking at (she also filed a false assault report against one of our volunteers who asked her to leave one of our events for heckling).  Now, Todd White’s campaign is using similar fictitious fabrications to attack his remaining opponent.  So I ask you then, if someone is willing to lie, cheat, or backstab others to get an important job should you hire that person?  

If you are as feed-up with political insiders making-up facts to further their careers than join me in voting for a more wholesome choice - Janelle Horn.

Dan Dellinger is a former candidate for Recorder-Clerk who works as a government relations and political consultant based in El Dorado County.  Dan earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics and Business Management from the University of California – Davis. Dan can be reached at dandellinger@infostation.com