Political Opinion: I cannot believe this "100 day" thing!

by Placerville Newswire / May 02, 2017 / comments

[James Hutchings]

I'm, watching these little Progressive Communist Democrats....scream and yell about what he has not done, things that they don't want him to do anyway!

100 days is nothing...in what it takes to pull up the train tracks and rails that lead to the train wreck! These train tracks to the cliff has taken 30 years of schemes and compromises on both sides of the aisles!

It's going to take years to lay the track, and do it with legislation so that it can't be changed with the stroke of a pen!

In this 100 days, Trump has signed order after order..to undo the destruction done by obama...at the stroke of his pen!

With Trump...it's all about "DIRECTION"!

He may not be accurate, he may oversimplify the challenges...and how to fix them, he may have made claims he cannot substantiate!

He is absolutely RIGHT, in the direction he has described....for America!

It does not matter if it takes 200 days, 4 years, or 8 years...he is moving in the right direction!