Poor Red's Bar-B-Q Will be Opening to Public Within Week

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 18, 2016 / comments

After a successful "Soft opening/media night aka VIP night" Poor Red's Bar-B-Q prepares for Public Opening within the Week according to an official statement.

"We will be opening within the week, but definitely NOT Monday. We haven't even received our food delivery yet! Please be patient as we get everything ready--you will KNOW when we are open!!"

Poor Red's BBQ restaurant in the town of El Dorado near Placerville has been shuttered for over a year and was ordered to close in 2013 after the owners were jailed for tax evasion. The new owners are brothers Mike and Jeff Genovese. Mike Hountalas will operate the new reopened restaurant.  

Poor Red's was once a popular stop for travelers in the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe areas, as well as those cruising along Highway 49.

Originally built as a weigh station for Wells Fargo, it became "Kelly's Bar" in the early 1920's. Famous for their creamy "Gold Cadillac" and "Brown Cow" cocktails, Poor Red's took that name in the mid 1940's. Legends says the restaurant was owned by a man nicknamed "Poor Red" who won the establishment in a game of dice.

Artist Jonni Hill describes Poor Red's as a, "beautiful example of 19th century buildings, built from rhyolite cut from the rock outcropping around Eldorado, California, was owned and operated by Red and Opal Sadler from the mid 1930s until they sold the business to David Chapdlaine in the early 1990s. Poor Red's was famous for their mouth-wastering hickory smoked ribs but even more famous world wide for their Gold Cadillacs, giving this tiny little bar the notoriety of being the largest consumer of Galieono, a sweet golden liqueur. The drink was created by their bartendar, Frank Kline, who created the drink to celebrate the purchase of a brand new gold Cadillac by one of their favorite customers."

Poor Red's Bar-B-Q was originally owned by "Poor" Red and his wife "Rich" Opal Sadler.  Both are now buried in the nearby cemetery.

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Watch the Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/Poor-Reds-Bar-B-Q-115569141799542