Pot Cultivators Sue Calaveras Board of Supervisors

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 04, 2018 / comments



Another legal fight stemming from a recent ban on cannabis will soon be hashed out in Calaveras County. Cannabis growers filed suit against the Board of Supervisors last week, accusing its members of violating the state’s open meetings laws during discussions over the new pot ordinance.

“The lawsuit, filed by the Archer Norris Law Firm on behalf of the Calaveras Cannabis Legal Defense Fund and farmer Trevor Wittke, alleges that supervisors discussed and took action on items not listed on the board agenda and held serial communications between a majority of the board through third parties, among other assertions,” reports the Calaveras Enterprise.

The paper said it will divulge more details on the lawsuit on April 5. What we do know is that petitioners are asking the court to nullify the environmental impact report that the county used when enacting the ban.

The county banned all commercial marijuana activity in January, just two years after welcoming scores of marijuana farmers to the town. Those farmers, many of whom spent nearly all of their capital to set up in Calaveras, are seething. Supervisors are now facing intense recall efforts in addition to legal action.