PPD Advisory Message - Water Pipe Repair on Wednesday May 9 beginning at 9:00am

by Placerville Newswire / May 08, 2018 / comments

[Placerville Police Dept.]

On Wed 5/9/2018 from 9 am to 6pm El Dorado Irrigation will be conducting a repair on an 18" water main south of Placerville. This main feeds 2 of Placerville's bulk water meters located on Cedar Ravine Rd past the park and also at the top of Country Club near the golf course.

Residents located on Jeffery, Brendan, Sean, Barrett, Covey, Nesting, Pheasant, Duden, Country Club, Cypress, Eskaton Dr., Range Ct, Diggings, and Cedar Ravine Rd south of Sluice box may experience low pressure or a water outage.

Attached below is a copy of the service notification issued by EID, the map in the link does show the areas listed above, but they are not shaded green since they are city water customers, not EIDs.

EID customers affected by the outage:

EID will be performing repairs to the water system supplying this area on Wednesday, May 9 beginning at 9:00 A.M. We anticipate completing the repairs by 6:00 P.M. on the same day.

During this time, you may experience low water pressure or loss of water service. Please conserve water by only using it for essential purposes or draw enough water for your needs prior to the start of the repair. 

If your water looks cloudy or dirty, do not drink it or use it for food preparation or personal hygiene purposes.

When normal pressure is restored, you might experience a slight discoloration in the water or the presence of air in the system. To correct this, allow one outside tap to run until the water is clear or the air has escaped.

 Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

You may send an email to billing@eid.org or call customer service at 530-642-4000 should you have any questions.