Preserving Sierra Ski History on Film

[Kayla Anderson, Tahoe Weekly]

Around the time that the Gold Rush was happening in the 1850s, Snowshoe came out West and started carrying the mail from Genoa, Nev., to Placerville. It was a three-day trek since the Pony Express couldn't get over the mountain. They handed the mail off to Snowshoe.” ...

John Dayberry wants to make sure that the history of early Sierra Nevada mountaineering isn’t easily forgotten. He is using his experience in wood-shop instruction, environmental restoration, back-country ski-shop management in Hope Valley and a drive to share indigenous wisdom in the modern age to document that history.

“SST-X” is a home-grown documentary film project to preserve Tahoe Sierra mountaineering heritage that goes back hundreds of years.

On an archeological quest to learn about the early mountaineers in the Eastern Sierra, Dayberry started reading books on Snowshoe Thompson, aka John Albert Thompson, who delivered mail in the snowy mountains of the Sierra in the 1800s, as well as the history of back-country skiing and the indigenous Washoe who were at the forefront of a sport that has gained great popularity today. “SST-X” stands for Snowshoe Thompson ...