Prison Parolee arrested after using gun to force women to drive him to Pleasant Valley - Oak Hill road

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 17, 2016 / comments

El Dorado County Sheriff's office Deputies arrest prison parolee who allegedly tried to get victim to drive him to a home near Pleasant Valley road.  

The suspect threatened a women with this gun to drive him to a home near Oak Hill road.  She escaped.

After using Helicopters and a team on the ground, the suspect was arrested and transported to jail.

EDSO is not releasing his name.

Official EDSO Statement:  On 02/15/16, Deputies received information about a Parolee At Large, who was armed with a firearm, in the area of Pleasant Valley Road near Oak Hill. The suspect had earlier used the gun to force an uninvolved citizen to drive him to a house on Pleasant Valley Road, and drop him off. Luckily, the citizen was able to escape uninjured.

Deputies quickly surrounded the house and used a public address system to make announcements. A Highway Patrol Helicopter arrived overhead to assist. After approximately 90 minutes of PA announcements, the suspect realized there was no escape, and came out of the house. He was arrested without incident. Deputies found the gun he had been carrying earlier, an illegal sawed-off rifle. 

A woman was also found inside the home, and was arrested for several warrants.

The actions of our outstanding Deputies halted this parolee's crime spree and made the community safer for everyone.

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