Purdue Study Seeks to Establish Dog Breeder Standards 

by Placerville Newswire / Jun 14, 2016 / comments

The Pet Leadership Council Endorses Purdue University Project to Establish Science-Based Standards for the Care and Welfare of Breeding Dogs.

The Pet Leadership Council (PLC), which is comprised of pet industry leaders, animal welfare organizations, veterinarians and academia, is announcing its support of a Purdue University Study currently underway to improve dog breeder standards.

The study being led by Candace Croney, PhD at Purdue University entitled 'Assessing Animal Welfare: Applications to Dog Care and Welfare Standards' is expected to be completed by the end of the year. In an effort to facilitate best care practices via research and education, it will address proper guidelines for all aspects of dog well-being in commercial breeding operations including but not limited to: housing, nutrition, sanitation, health and vet care, behavioral well-being, breeding ages, end of breeding life and the outcome of healthy puppies.

“This is an extremely important step forward to ensuring that our nation’s puppies are coming from breeders that maintain high standards of care and provide consumers assurance that puppies and adult dogs coming from certified breeders have been raised with significant attention to their physical, genetic and behavioral health and a lifelong commitment to the dogs’ well-being,” said Bob Vetere, PLC Chairman.

While the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) does have commercial dog breeding standards and licensing in place, there is demand for additional measures to hold breeders accountable and help put an end to substandard breeders commonly referred to as “puppy mills”. These standards will provide breeders with a voluntary option to obtain a recognized and trusted certification with regular inspections. Government regulations can take years to change and often become outdated and obsolete. The Purdue guidelines will allow for continuous improvement based on the latest advances in scientific study of the health and well-being of the animals.

"The PLC is encouraged by and strongly supports the work being conducted by Dr. Candace Croney and The Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine to establish science based standards for breeders that will raise the care and welfare of their animals,” said Doug Poindexter President of the World Pet Association and PLC Trustee.

More information on the Purdue Study and several white papers already published can be found here - http://vet.purdue.edu/CAWS/engagement.php#projects.

About the Pet Leadership Council: 

The Pet Leadership Council is made up of pet industry leaders, animal welfare, veterinarians and academia and advocates for pets and those who serve and support them by promoting responsible pet ownership and educating the public on efforts to improve the health and well being of companion animals.