Rattlesnake Bites 30-year-old Horse in Muzzle

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 20, 2016 / comments

Mobile Equine Diagnostics, Inc. reported: "We treated our first rattlesnake bite of the season this morning in Agua Dulce. 

Poor Ernie was struck twice in the muzzle and is on his way to recovery but will require some special attention over the next few weeks. 

This is a reminder to keep two 10 inch long pieces of garden hose in your equine emergency first aid kit to put into the nostrils to maintain an open airway. The swelling can be so severe that the nostrils close completely. 

Horses CAN NOT breathe out of their mouths and will suffocate!

Mobile Equine Diagnostics followed up with: "ERNIE UPDATE!

ERNIE LIVES!!!! Didn't know what we would find this morning but Ernie came walking out of his barn, walked around the corral and wanted breakfast! Still SO swollen, sweaty but good spirits. I'm amazed.
It will take at least a week for the swelling to subside substantially and a month or more of intensive care to manage the infection and tissue death. Now we need to make sure he sticks to his medication schedule! He's not out of the woods yet!!!

30 year old Rattlesnake bite victim, Ernie was placed on IV fluids today and received his first dose of DMSO. His swelling is very severe and he continues to struggle. The next 12-24 hours should be the the turning point in his condition. He continues to fight but our prognosis is guarded."

via https://www.facebook.com/Mobile-Equine-Diagnostics-Inc-162797587127509/