Released Reports Confirms RightonDaily's accusation about graphic sexual harassment and misconduct by Ted Gaines' Chief of Staff

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 10, 2018 / comments

[Aaron Parks, RightonDaily]

Back in January of 2016, we broke the sensational story of State Senator Ted Gaines Chief of Staff Steve Davey getting fired by the Senate Rules Committee for a slew of sexual harassment and misconduct complaints.

The recently released document dump of verified sexual misconduct/harrassment complaints released from the California State Capitol has Steve Davey all over it.

This is a personal sense of vindication as I had been told by two capitol insiders that Davey had been terminated. The document dump shows only 2 of the 7 complaints I was told about and does indeed show he was terminated on 2/8/2016.

The LA Times wrote about this story and they got half the story correct and half wrong. It is the clear opinion of this blogger that Dave Titus, Gaines’ current Chief of Staff is working overtime to try to kill the story.

A third capitol insider confirmed recently that the Senate Rules Committee was going to fire Davey, however they let him quit. Ted Gaines had nothing at all to do with Steve Davey quitting as Davey had a string of verified complaints going back to almost the beginning of his reign of terror working for both Gaines. The Gaines knew and did nothing about this monster.

The LA Times was correct that Davey was kept on as a consultant for Beth Gaines’ ill-fated Supervisor Race and he is currently working for Ted Gaines’ Board of Equalization race. We have proof that we will share at a time that suits us, especially if the Gaines respond to this allegation by attacking the accuracy of this blog similar to when I broke the story of Davey’s termination.

In a follow up post on 2/7/2016, we went in to further detail with a former staffer that went on the record to fill in some details:

I always wanted to try to like Steve and Ted, and push aside those negative things people told me. The cumulative effect of things like Steve “ordering” me to move his ball closer to the pin so he could win a putter, and the two of them handicapping the date of the late Senator Cox’s demise with glee and laughter whilst in their capitol office was but one of many nails in the coffin that eventually convinced me that it is indeed true what people say about Steve Davey and Ted Gaines. And the stuff about Steve harassing fellow female employees is all too true. I saw it, many times. How’s about that for trusting in elected officials!


Had the LA Times done some due dilligence, they’d have understood that their story was woefully incomplete. The monster known as Steve Davey was doing this stuff for years as the staffer I spoke to back in 2012 worked for the Gaines operation from 2007-2012 and had a front row seat. In addition, this staffer is no longer a Republican. (I can’t blame him can you?)

Ted Gaines is currently running for Board of Equalization. Steve Davey is STILL involved in the Gaines political operation and affairs. They knew. They did nothing, therefore the Gaines own Steve Davey’s behavior.