Removing the Black Band and Picking Up the Pieces

by Placerville Newswire / Nov 06, 2019 / comments

<El Dorado County Sheriff's Office>

Removing the Black Band

Today, we show up to work to begin our new normal. It has been a long and difficult 2 weeks. We have all learned new, great things about ourselves, our coworkers and our community. The first step in our new normal is sitting on our chest. A black band wrapped around the gold star.

We’ve worn this mourning band many times in our careers. Far too many tragic deaths and accidents. However, likely for the first time in the career for many of us, this was much more personal. As we remove the mourning band from our badges we think about Deputy Ishmael, his sacrifice, and how we will push forward in his name. 

When news first came out, members of EDSO and law enforcement all over California, put these mourning bands on. Our communities, you, also began to mourn and showed this through displaying custom made signs, blue ribbons and Thin Blue Line Flags and clothing. We saw this and it has meant the world to us. 

Thank you.

Picking Up the Pieces

Just as our first step to this new normal is removing the mourning bands, EDSO asks that your first step would be helping us clean up our community and return El Dorado County to its natural state. 

We love seeing the support. We also do not want to watch as these memorials degrade with the weather and time. So please, take a moment on your way home, to the store, or any other daily activity, to clean up these temporary memorials and keep El Dorado County clean. [Items, such as ribbons and paper/cardboard signs that are not meant for the weather. This does not include flags or other items proudly displayed on your property.]