Report - El Dorado County COVID Cases for May 11. 2020

by Placerville Newswire / May 11, 2020 / comments

[Cris Alarcon, InEDC] By the Numbers

SUMMARY: Two [2] new cases confirmed in “South County” over the weekend.  

85% of confirmed cases have recovered continuing a month-long trend. 

Percentage of those tested resulting in positive confirmation for COVID-19 declines to 1.75%, continuing a long-term downward trend.

No [0] residents of El Dorado County have died from COVID-19



Updates since Friday include:

258 new tests administered 

(3193 Total)

2 new cases confirmed; 

Two in South County;

One [1] male, One [1]  female;

One [1]  65+ year-old age group and One [1]  18-49 year-old age group.

[56 Total Cumulative Cases]

3 new Recoveries 

(48 Total Cumulative Recovered Cases)

8 current Active Cases 



Average Daily Test Performed:

86 over last day

54 daily over last week

97 daily over last Month


Average Percent Confirmed Positive of those tested:

1.75% over last day

1.96% over last week

2.25% over last Month


Average Percent Recovered of confirmed Positive:

86% over last day

84% over last week

85% over last Month


# Tests and results are as reported and does not account for any lag period between test and lab results.

CHART -  Percentage of those tested that have tested positive for COVID-19 over the last 38 days with 2,344 tests performed and 37 cases confirmed positive over the same time period [April 4 to May 11]

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