Report - El Dorado County COVID Cases for May 15. 2020

by Placerville Newswire / May 15, 2020 / comments

[Cris Alarcon, InEDC] By the Numbers

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Ten [10] new cases confirmed over the last week.  Most of the new cases in the region of the county from El Dorado to South Lake Tahoe.  Cases in EDH, North County, and Placerville remain stable.

12 cases are “Active.”

81% of confirmed cases have recovered over the last week, dropping from 86% over the month-long period. 

Percentage of those tested resulting in positive confirmation for COVID-19 declines to 1.64%  from 2.1% following a month long downward trend.  Recent daily tests performed increases from a month long average of 81 [daily] to the last week long average of 162 [daily].

No [0] residents of El Dorado County have died from COVID-19

RAW NUMBERS: Updates since Friday 8th [1 week] include:

 1,133 new tests administered  (of 3,903 Total)


Ten [10] new cases confirmed; 

Three [3] in South County;

Three [3] Diamond Springs & El Dorado;

Two [2] South Lake Tahoe

One [1] Camino to Summit;

One [1] North County.


Six [6] male, Four [4]  female;

 One [2]  65+ year-old age group; 

Three [3]  50-64 year-old age group; 

Five [5]  18-49 year-old age group; 


Sixty-Four [64] Total Cumulative Cases


Seven [7] new Recoveries 

(52 Total Cumulative Recovered Cases)


Twelve [12] current Active Cases 



Average Daily Test Performed:

179 over last day

162 over last week

85 over last Month


Average Percent Confirmed Positive of those tested:

1.64% over last day

1.73% over last week

2.10% over last Month

Average Percent Recovered of All confirmed Positive:

81% over last day

84% over last week

86% over last Month


CHART 1 [left] -  Percentage of those tested that have tested positive for COVID-19 over the last 42 days with 3,054 tests performed with 42 confirmed cases confirmed over the same time period [April 4 to May 15]

CHART 2 [right] Percentage of all those tested that resulted in Positive Covid-19 results.

# Numbers as reported.  No adjustments made for time lag between testing and results.